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Electric Polygraphs is a band from Brussels, Belgium.

For undisclosed reasons, they are unable to perform live and as such write, perform and record their music from their private studio exclusively.

Thematically, most songs are as mundane as they come, but occasionally a more twisted topic will arise. This is to be expected, as Belgians are fond of surrealism and unconventional weirdness.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s pop music – with a lot of instrumentation from the 80’s – fused with a sniff of rock and EDM. Musically, we don’t feel we stand out that much, but what we write about, is at times a bit more controversial.

Instruments & Gear


  • Ibanez Semihollow AM93 Black
  • Gibson Les Paul Standard
  • Fender Stratocaster American Deluxe
  • Taylor Electro-Acoustic
  • Yamaha Bass TRB504 Translucent Black


Mixing & Monitoring

Synths (hardware)

Synths (software)

  • u-He (Diva, Bazille, Presswerk)
  • Arturia Collection 5 (CS-80, Jupiter 8, Prophet 5, ARP 2600, Vox Continental, Wurlitzer, Oberheim SEM,…)
  • MadronaLabs (Aalto)
  • Applied Acoustics System (String Studio, Lounge Lizard, Ultra Analog, Chromaphone,…)
  • Softube (Heartbeat)
  • Serum (XFer Records)

Effects (hard- & software)

DAW (digital audio workstation)