1. This Time it’s Different

There are men that make you sad
there are men that make you mad
those men you got over
not the ones you did not understand

You say you have been had
that you’ve been tricked so bad
those days are over
this time you say you’ll make a stand

‘I love you too’, is what you said
Another lie that got me mad
More hopes got shattered
I should have passed on him instead

‘Better loved and lost’, they said
Or it will hurt until you’re dead
those days are over
this time I know I’ll make a stand


She’ll tell you outright
that she pulls your heart out
and you will blown, for sure
to smithereens

not what you had in mind,
now did you

if you’re lucky she’ll abuse you
if not humiliate you
most likely she will cry
don’t ask me why
and then she’ll shout
until there’s nothing,
nothing left of you and me


2. Long Time No See

(Verse 1)
It has been a while, I know
that I saw you here
You can tell me if I’m wrong
but have you dyed your hair?

(Interlude 1)

I saw your eyes, the were ferocious
If looks could kill then I’d be gone
I didn’t know you’d been so hopeless
I must admit that I moved on

(Verse 2)
Do you know where I went wrong
‘cause I’m not that sure
You said you wanted to be strong
Said you would endure

(Interlude 2)

The moment you knew me well
I got slightly disappointed
The moment that I could tell
You got slightly disappointed

She’s coming along (3x)

(Verse 1)

I think you understood me wrong
‘cause I don’t lie that much
Didn’t want to cause you harm
I was surprised it hurt that much
I think you understood me wrong

3. Limpy Jack goes Wild

Limpy Jack has dancing shoes to spare
and he is painfully aware
that he is making a fool of himself

‘cause everyone stares
while no-one dares
to come on the dance floor
so Jack remains a one-man show

you have to give it to him
nowbody wants to join in
don’t know what’s more pathetic
a limb that is prosthetic
or Limpy Jack that turns around


4. Apocalypse

Who will survive the Apocalypse (guess why) (3x)
Who will survive, who will survive

No, the zombies won’t (guess why) (4x)

Oh, we won’t make it

Who will survive the Apocalypse (guess why) (3x)
Who will survive, who will survive

5. It’s All for the Best

So glad that you confessed (you know)
Our God will do the rest (you know)
You won’t feel the pain (you know)
It’s not that we’re insane (you know)
It’s all for the best (you know)
Our God will do the rest (you know)

James Foley, Ali Al-Sayyed, Steven Sotloff, Haruna Yukawa, David Haines, Alan Henning, Peter Kassig, Hervé Gourdel, Kenji Goto, Abbas Medlej, Hujam Surchi

And the list goes on and on…


6. Unforeseen Crash

All right, Girl
it’s you that ride along
no seat belts
this ride is for the brave and strong
but then the turn goes wrong
so wrong

Too bad, Girl
this ride did not take long
had fun though
until that very turn went wrong
how could that turn go wrong?
so wrong

My bad, Girl
you only left the door
slick driving
is what your parents hate me for
too bad you are no more
no more

So sad Girl
once again I’m on the run
they blame me
for all the evil things I’ve done
such bad can’t be undone

7. Untrusty Firefighter

I’m late for work
That wouldn’t be too bad
if I wasn’t a fire fighter

Everyone goes beserk
Now that wouldn’t be too bad
if this fire wasn’t getting brighter

Who puts the fire out?
(get the hose, and aim for the flame)

That red axe is oversized
now every door – or what’s behind –
will be chopped into a thousand pieces

if the kid is carbonized
then I leave him be and take care of me
before the temp increases


8. Stating the Obvious

are most likely
to win a lookalike contest
(don’t have to tell you why)

But Siamese Twins,
are least likely
to take their loneliness serious
(don’t have to tell you why)


Hey (yes, you are)
Am I stating the obvious?

are not likely
to be among your enemies
(don’t have to tell you why)

And if your enemy wins,
you are not likely
to celebrate his victory
(don’t have to tell you why)


9. Friday Fight

(Verse 1)

Friday night, the night was young
Had to score at least one more hit
When we fight, we show that we’re strong
The hurt, well they deserve every bit

(Verse 2)

You were right and I was wrong
Should have been the first to admit
I denied, you knew all along
Getting us into all this shit


Out goes the light
This party is over
The crowd goes quiet
The bouncer moves over

(Verse 2)

10. Emerald-like Green

(Verse 1)

You have been
a beauty queen
you have been
But beauty
runs skin-deep
you knew that

Eyes green, emerald-like green

(Verse 2)

Your skin has been
slowly wrinkling
it has
A major spending
they have


Eyes green, emerald-like green
Eyes green, emerald-like green

(Verse 1)


11. Girls’ Night Out

(Verse 1)

When the girls go out
you have to stay behind
When the girls go out
you’re on your own


When the girls go out
it’s a girl’s-only night
When the girls go out
you’re on your own


they smile, they shout
they drink, they laugh
they talk
they dance
then fall in love
they cry, they grin
they don’t ask much
but once exposed
you have to touch

Girls’ night out (2x)

(Verse 1)

(Verse 2)


12. Parfum (Instrumental)

13. Three Times Hooray

Three Times Hooray,
Another crony left the bank
Resilient as he is

Three Times Hooray,
And all that’s left is empty hands
As empty as our heads

Allow me to explain

I don’t know what I sell
You’ll be broke, I can tell
High frequency trading


If your morals fade
then more money is made
High frequency trading


Three Times Hooray,
Buy in September, sell in May
It’s easy if you know
Three Times Hooray,
The Fed Reserve has almost tanked
While the worst is yet to come

14. On Da Floor

I take a bow before we begin
and take your hand, resistance is futile
You turn around, prepare for a spin
With every move I pull you closer

This song is loud, this crowd is a sin
We dim the lights, the basses keep pumpin’
No standers-by, the floor is filled-in
Let’s reconcile these beats with somethin’


On da floor


Guy: Common Harry, get that body on the dance floor
Harry: No man, I don’t really feel like dancing today
Guy: Oh, common Harry, don’t be like that, it’ll be fun, you’ll see!
Harry: Seriously man, I’d rather stay here on the side, okay?

Guy: Now Harry, if you want me to, I can lead…
Harry: It’s not that man, I just had too much of a drink
Guy: Oh common, Harry, this party is almost over
Harry: No, I really don’t want to man, I’m more into other kinds of music, like Reggae or something

Choir: Reggae!

Harry: Oh shit…

15. Rainfall

Last thing I saw
is the rainfall