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What people say about our album...

“56 minutes of relaxing silence. I love it!”Ludwig von Beethoven
“I really enjoyed this album, in spite of it being panned hard to the left during mix-down”
Vincent van Gogh
“If you still have both ears, you’ll be ecstatic after listening to these tracks”Mike Tyson

Video Clips

It’s All for the Best

We had resources (read $$$) for a single video and decided on ‘It’s All for the Best’ for the best candidate.

This song is about executions carried out by DAESH and how executioners justify their heinous acts by religion.

The song denounces abuse of religion, and was written as a tribute to the hostages that lost their life to DAESH.

This Time it’s Different

This is a youtube-video containing the lyrics of ‘This Time it’s Different’, the title track of our album. It’s more of a karaoke visual aid, than a true video clip.

The song is about a relation turning sour, and the regret and disbelief that come with it.


Song Trivia, CD Booklet & Lyrics

Song Trivia

  • Both ‘Limpy Jack goes Wild’ and ‘On Da Floor’ explore dance-phobia
  • Sarcasm is used in ‘Limpy Jack goes Wild’ and ‘Untrusty Firefighter’. Softer humor can be found in ‘Stating the Obvious’.
  • Limpy Jack has “dancing-shoes to spare” not only because he has many pairs of shoes, but – unfortunately – also because he is an amputee.
  • ‘Stating the Obvious’ starts out in 5/4
  • Names of hostages suffering the terrible fate of being beheaded by ISIL can be heard in ‘It’s All for the Best’
  • The vocals in ‘It’s All for the Best’ are tuned lower because none of the band members had a vocal range that would accommodate the singing lines.
  • The effect used in ‘Three Times Hooray’ as a lead-in to each phrase is the trailing-end of reverb played backwards
  • ‘Parfum’ is predominantly instrumental but contains some vocals nevertheless.
  • The lyrics of ‘Rainfall’ consist of just one phrase but the song is one of the longest tracks.

CD Booklet

Contains the bio, gear, lyrics of all 15 songs, trivia, and more


We insist on telling a story in most of our songs